Cyborg Experiment 2.1

Cyborg Experiment 2.1: Advance technology cyborgs have taken over the streets. Advance technology cyborgs have taken over the streets, killing all humans there are. You are the one of last human warriors who can take them down. But you are only one and there is an army of dangerous cyborgs waiting to eliminate you the same way they did with the rest of the human kind. Stand tall, do not get intimidated by those robots, show them who their boss is. Now load your artillery and make some noise out there.

CYFORCE4D 1: CYFORCE4D is a action packed 3D fps game.

cyborgs. Features: Next Gen 3D graphics, Realtime colored lighting and shadows, 3D Sound, Realistic water surfaces, Curved Surfaces and extremely high polygon counts, Photorealistic textures, Gothic, roman style graphics and architecture, Skeletal animation and particle system modeling , Nine Awesome Weapons, More than 20 enemy types including High-Tech Cyborgs, Vehicles, Hovering Robots, Ten large levels, Player can become Invisible and Slow Down

game, action, computer

Wastelands 1.21: New post-apocalyptic humans vs robots blockbuster shooter.
Wastelands 1.21

You wanted a kick-ass action game and you got it. Action, action, and more action - that`s a motto for the new post-apocalyptic humans vs robots blockbuster shooter called Wastelands created by Reflector Studio. The scenario is common for this kind of games - nuclear war, destroyed cities filled with the remnants of once magnificent sky scrappers, rusting cars and the cyborgs that went nuts and started killing people.

cyborgs, wastelands, vehicles, nuclear

Shotgun Vendetta 1.0: Shoot the cyborgs before they get you!
Shotgun Vendetta 1.0

All alone in a dark corridor. Just you and your shotgun. You will need it. You are being attacked by cyborgs. Aim with outmost precision and shoot them before they get to you. Do not forget to reload because every lost second can be your last. Shotgun Vendetta is a great free shooting game. Now reload your gun and show those alien thin- cans. Free shooting games is what you wanted to play and that is exactly what you get with Shotgun Vendetta.

shotgun vendetta, shooting game, free shooting games, arcade games, arcade game

Atomaders 1.12.0: Liberate your planet system from aliens using the spacefighter.
Atomaders 1.12.0

This space-shooter is based upon the classical Invaders/Galaxian idea. You have to liberate your planet system from the alien invasion using your spacefighter. Player can obtain various extra-weapons and special abilities by destroying enemy cyborgs, fighters and motherships. Each planet has its own cyborg types and an unique powerful boss at the last level. Additional planet systems could be downloaded from the Internet.

spacefighter, invaders, spaceship, action, space shooter

ZSX3: Ninjastarmageddon! 1.0: ZSX3 combines outlandish space adventure with outrageous action to great effect.
ZSX3: Ninjastarmageddon! 1.0

In ZSX3, you must work your way to the top in a galaxy where zombies, ninja, cyborgs and pirates all are at odds. Put your skills to work in trading, bounty hunting, piracy, space battling, or whatever it takes to restore order before Starmageddon! Upgrade your ship with powerful weapons like Vulcan Miniguns and Particle Beams. Barrel roll in agile convertibles, like the Phantom Nexus, or command fear and respect from mighty space galleons.

zombie, pirate, privateer, ninja, action, space, arcade

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